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Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. paise kamane lg gye hai.... bade aadmi ho gye hai ab...best of luck 4 d future...

  2. Arre narang sir. Real advice to tune hi di thi. "Exploring C"
    sadda java expert!!
    Good luck bro!!

  3. In first year, Ankit Narang used to be the quiet guy whom you cant assign a nickname because you dont know who he is......

    Now that i know him, he is (actually) fun and smart....

    Dude can kill your 10-minute lecture on any-fucking-issue with a simple one-liner...

    narang is a good and real-time learner, and problem solver.

    a very logical thinker.... thinks a lot before saying something but not shy of accepting his mistakes..

    the best thing about him is the fact that he never assumes that you are as intelligent as him, and never shies from asking a question, however stupid it may be... not that his questions are stupid. Most are generally very well thought out and one step ahead of where you are actually thinking.

    enjoy life...