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Dedicated to all the CSE (2007-11) batch, here you can view all the CSE 4th year student's profiles. Comment on their individual profiles(only positive comments guys) and bring alive all your memories of the past four years.So start commenting!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. i hav known u since d day v became phycis lab partner... sara prac tujhe akele hi krna padta tha....lolz... totally enjoyed ur company...

  2. ur a nyc person but teri baten kum hi samjh ati hai logo ko... lolzzz.. gud luck 4 ur future..

  3. Good Luck Bro!!
    Mr. Confused mind. Kamm confused raha kar. :)

    kaash tujhe tera pyaar mil jaye (Sarcasm Intended) :)

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  5. bobin - totally enjoyed ur company too :)

    nidhi - kaun log?? n nahi aati to puch lia karo !

    toor - m confused, yes !! ..on a lot of things actually.. coz d solution to every prob brings along a list of probs wid it.. but I still hope to find my peace of mind someday :)

    n is 'pyaar' wale dept me mere se kuch ni hona ;) :P

  6. Why are so strong the bonds of life?
    Silken threads of spider’s like;
    Why bound are you and I?
    Looking vainly up the sky;
    Why do ropes pull our necks?
    Unaware as if our wrecks;
    Why so monotonous the airs are?
    Nature’s so lovely with mourning scar,
    Why do ships seem to sink?
    Waves as if serving the drinks;
    Why is that I feel so?
    Break the bonds and let us go……

  7. Kashish ne dil cheer diya yaar... :(

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  9. Saala Gareeb!!;) My Bestest of Best friends!! with whom i spent maximum time of degree!!
    No matching hobby, no matching characteristics ...nothing matching...."No body can think that v can ever be friends becuse of totally different personalities " but still best friends!! True and deep hearted who wants to enjoy his life to the fullest ,who has stood with me through thick n thin!!
    The only person whom i believe the most ,more than anybody else!!
    I can never forget the 'Exam preparation' v used to do n end up sleeping together!!;)
    I Have learned a lot from u even bike;D.
    It is said that 'Friends are the relatives we make for ourselves' and i have got a brother in you!!
    Lucky to have u as my friend!!
    Wish that v will be together for the rest of life n always settle down the issues if they fucking ever arises!!
    baaki jyada senti hon di lorr ni..haale ta infy ekathae hi jaana..;)..othe karne aa chaa poore..gym shym..swimming..goa..: if everything goes fine!!:P:D

  10. Hey
    You know what our hostel girls from other branches remember you from the song "one love" you sang in Shuchi mam's class in first year.
    Havent got a chance to interact with you much but i find you a witty person,full of information(I dont know why!),lazy and blah blah....
    All the best for ur future:-)

  11. Undoubtely good-looking, Heartthrob Eshan ,
    I just could nt find any more adjectives to describe you By the way u sing really well....
    lookin forward to hear tat song again at infy dedicated to sum1 new.....
    keep singing :).....

  12. always enjoyed life with you at college......

    you are one of the people who do not hold any pre-assumptions about others, except

    you have always been a good friend, and group-member and team-mate.

    and then you have been friends with hemant and toor ... a guy i knew from before college, and another i knew too well in college...

    also you have got a bit of a philosophical bend.... remember 'the river?'

    you used to play good football, but your footballing days are as over as fernando torres'

    enjoy life............

  13. saale ab to osama bhi mar gaya ab kya kar rha hai tu yahan pe....:P
    but jokes apart....a funny guy..nice friend..a BIG Eminem fan..i still remember dat bag of urs ....it had slim shady written on its stripes...
    i still remember d raps we tried to do together...of course i was d one who was not clicking at them...
    u have got a really nice sense of humour ...according to me it is d most liked quality of urs...
    energetic yet lazy....i totally njoyed ur company...
    best of luck dude...

  14. he is a man on mission from kashmir with external forces helping him(hehehe).. saala, har waqt fb aur class me ladta rehta hai mere se sabke samne.. actually he lyks to show off tats y he does so.. par actually he is really a good friend of mine.. he has a true heart.. but isse koi raasta dikhane wala chahiye(as i think).. he is jealous of my smartness tat is reflected by his comments on me at unexpected moments(pta nhi kyun).. smart hai shakal se yeh, par dimag se paidal.. hemant ki gf hai yeh and hmara friend.. nice to met a person lyk u.. will see u Infy and try to knw u better... haan, bhool hi gya ke yeh mere saath coaching me tha... i had no contacts wid him then but knew him bcoz our techer used to ask him a lot of ques .. saala, kabhi dhyan hi nhi deta tha aur teacher ko bolta tha.. par college me aa ke yeh mera aacha dost bn gya.. See u at Infy buddy...