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Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. singla sir... funny,cool.... enjoyed ur company a lot... luv it wen u n hemant fight in lab....it's so hilarious....

  2. very funny person par tere pj adhi tym to smjh hi nai ate.. keep rocking alwys... gud luck 4 ur future..

  3. @bobin seriously hemant ,eshan te KK naal ladd ke bahut enjoy kita aapan labs vich.. really great fun..
    @nidhi yaar, tune kab sun liye mere Pj...!!!

  4. saala Thotha jia!! always make jokes which are senseless n don't make others laugh!!:P:D
    very good friend of me with whom my fighting will never end. sala 'Bunk Buster'!!:P:D enjoyed a lot with u!!
    God bless!!! stay connected!!:)

  5. Dig this:
    you are sitting in a lab in first year, with a girl on your left and a guy on the right... the guy asks you to 'please' call the girl. you call the girl and when you turn back to point her to the guy, he's not there anymore!!

    that guy was gaurav singla.....

    gaurav is a really funny guy...not homor-wise, but fun-to-be-with-wise.

    he is street smart... not like the guy in GTA, but knows what to do in most situations..... except when i am beating the hell out of him...

    dude has a great chemistry (and collision course) with me and hemant.....and eshan and bobin and rest of group 1.

    do well in infi and life.... and leave the enjoyment to me..

  6. The first person who taught me how to enjoy every moment of my life....
    I talked all non-sense bt he never got irritated.
    Ready to help anytym.....One responsible for making my interaction possible wid others.....
    I m alwaz goin to miss you a lot.....
    Start Studying seriously.............:)