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Dedicated to all the CSE (2007-11) batch, here you can view all the CSE 4th year student's profiles. Comment on their individual profiles(only positive comments guys) and bring alive all your memories of the past four years.So start commenting!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. KK!!!! huh!! i knw v both fight a lot n r like total rivals bt u r one of few guys whom i trust..who helped me whenever i needed it... i knw i hav irritated u so many times bt even u hav...MUMMA's boy....

  2. Karunesh kaushal(kk) First man in my class whom i meet ,Always used to laugh too much,Baat bhi bhut karta hai and eats a lot...............
    ,KK one of my good friends who used to listen my bad jokes even if used to laugh,A spirit of true friend so that i can't feel bad.
    KK plays good football and good programmer too,A true friend whom i really upon.............
    May god give u all happiness in life and plz don't forgot me yaar....................................

  3. kk.. kya kahu tere bare me ab.. u hav changed d defintions of pj's.. itne gande jokes marta hai ki pj's ka nam kj's(karunesh jokes) hona chaiye.. tu khud bina hase joke sunata hai or dusro ko hsa deta hai.. ur a very gud projct partner or kam b acha kr hi leta hai tu.. keep rocking alwz n saty in touch.. gud luck 4 ur future..

  4. oye kk...
    hr baat pe logic zabardasti maarna and har baat ke piche ek story sunana.jo ki door door tak linked nahi hoti-->Characteristics of Mr. KK. tere liye koi msg nahi likhunga. coz tere ko to mai saath reh ke sudharunga. mumma's Boy.Kaash ye Vine form me hota to sab tere ko hi vote karte. :)

  5. The big Thotha of our class:P who keep laughing through out the day and cracks so called Logical jokes which few people understand!!
    The person with whom my fighting will never end!! My very good friend who is trustworthy and a big big big Mumma' boy!! Hope u have that page of my poem;) Good luck for ur future and hope one day we see u as an IAS officer!!:)

  6. Khurafati Karunesh,
    kya bataun isko maaro usko maaro aur bhago......
    poori lab mein tom n jerry ke episodes chalte hain....
    He is sincere... never contradicts sumtimes u can...
    'Yeh bhi theek hai' is his favorite statement.
    Wish u be watever you aim for....

  7. thanx for th comment....
    i m nt in hostel...
    but still enjoyed much with u guyzz..
    alwazz remember those sessional days...we spent 2gthr...stay in touch

  8. My 1st day in UIET, I walk into the classroom and a menacing fugly voice asks me-"first year?" and scares me out of my wits!

    Facts :
    1)KK would never even hurt a fly.
    2)He will help his friends anytime,anyday with everything he has got.
    3)same thing goes for his stomach.
    4)If you are thinking about doing the Art of Living course, you can save your money by spending time with karunesh rather.
    5)The world wud be a better place if more ppl were like him or Dheru.
    6)NewCastle United is the worst sporting club in the history of the world.
    7)If you do not like KK, there is something seriously wrong with you.

  9. I ADMIRE YOUR MOTHER, I don't know what she gives you in breakfast that your energy-meter is always at high. You are the NAUGHTIEST creation of Almighty.
    Your jokes are extremely logical and there remains a time lag before I could interpret them. You have brilliant writing skills and ocean of footballing knowledge.
    You are a good defender but I suggest you the role of holding midfielder. Contributed significantly to CSE football team.
    At last I pray that glory days of "NEWCASTLE FC" will be back with club producing legends like "ALAN SHEARER".

  10. To start off, I would like to say that you're definitely one of the most energetic personalities in the class! I say that in view of your ultimate fighting prowess, and the zeal to practice it on anyone or anything you can lay grip on ! ..and secondly, seeing your significant contribution in the football field! Though not being a great athlete, I guess your will power has always had you come up with appreciable results.

    Also, you are probably the most punctual and organized guy in the class. B.tech is a time when most people turn nocturnal, but you have maintained your 'early to bed, early to rise' schedule, which is something I find pretty amazing!

    A kinda homesick person too. The reasons to which (that I gather) being, either your wanting to stay more with parents after spending the initial phases of your life in boardings and hostels...or your insane love for Kharar and the neighborhood (Mr. Gupta ;))!!

    Also the karunesh-is-fat-and-so-his-brain-is-fat thing you talked about, I admit that I might have been (a bit ;)) wrong to say that...and it's not that I now find you highly intelligent or anything of that sorts ;) ..but the views that you've put forward about people here in the cse-vine, suggest you were quite an observer all these years !

    God Bless !! :)

  11. His name stands by hai character.. KK means Kutta Kamina.. saale , ne labs me bahut maara haii.. mujhe hi nhi , aur bahut logon ko bhi.. ye lab me har waqt hila hi rehta tha.. logon ko maarna aur UNencylopedia dikhana.. besharam bhi hai... koi bhi harkat kar sakta hai lab me.. par banda mast hai.. Fantastc English and writing skills(wud have expected me to write in english but yaar english me likhne me feel na aa pati).. he is hard working and focused abt his goal.. wanna be in civil services.. i can assure u can be, if u stay focused as u r.. u hv tat capability.. haan, we together give the contrast to a pic (;P).. he is very helpful(dont wanna make it public u can understand).. saala , kissi se bhi baat karne lag jata hai.. jb hostel aata tha toh chahe koi zindagi me ek baar mila ho, usss ko bhi pakad k lag jata tha.. aur he loves cracking PJ's which only he can understand.. aur agar na hasso toh tumhe maar bhi sakta hai.. so, we used to laugh on him rather then his PJ(;P).. will miss u very much.. stay in touch always...