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Dedicated to all the CSE (2007-11) batch, here you can view all the CSE 4th year student's profiles. Comment on their individual profiles(only positive comments guys) and bring alive all your memories of the past four years.So start commenting!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. a true frd.... cool...bindaas... tu n nisha nhi hote to mera pta nhi kya hota... will miss all d gossips v hav shared wid each other... thanx 4 supportin me everytime even 4 d manali trip wen all others refused...luv ya!!!!!!!

  2. She is few of my true friends in my class..
    "Jo rahe humesa cool cool
    chale as per rule
    gossips kara bhut ata hai
    har baat ka kaat hai jis ke pass
    jo humesa bole mithe bole.
    kaun hai wo
    nidhi hai wo..."
    thanks for the manali trip becoz i enjoyed a lot..
    May god give u all happiness in life and plz don't forgot me yaar....................................

  3. thnks mishra 4 such a lovely poem
    @bobin- thnks 2 u 2 yar.. luv ya..

  4. hi nidhi u r very sweet n cute... jo hamesha mera sath deti rahe rhi in all my happiness n worries... uski vajah se hi main chandigarh mei survive kar payi varna mera pta nahi kya hota.... thanks for always helping me and please always remain for me. thanks yr n good luck for ur future..

  5. hi..(well!!after a long time!!!)
    ab koi diplomatic comment nhi kar sakta..
    well also i m poor at making comments on somebody!!
    so issi se kam chala lo kuch din ke liye..

    best of luck!!!!

    wishes will be renewed after sometime!!!...(at infosys):)

  6. The girl who i think will miss the college the most!! as judged from ur FB statuses ;):P
    one of few girls with whom i am in good terms!!:)
    very cool, happy who always want to enjoy!!
    wish that u have a boyfriend soon so that whenever weather is good ,u never say 'Why the hell i m single' :P ;)
    god bless u!! good luck!!:) stay connected!!:)

  7. lab ki chit chats,class ki masti,msgs pe chidanna n alott more of the beautiful memories i lived wid u will alwayz stay closed to my heart..u have a personality who makes every1 smile..keep doing that wherever u go..will miss u alott..dare u ever forget me..lol
    tc n all d best 4 future!!be in touch..

  8. she is a very nice girl... very sweet and has a lovely face always filled with her lovely smile...... she is a very good friend.....
    she always remain happy and jolly and makes others also happy.....
    always be as u r...... thank u for being my such a sweet friend....
    and loved the shimla trip with u......:)
    may u be happy always.......
    god bless u :)

  9. You are sweet, nice and yes,beautiful. As such I havent spent much tym wid you bt watever talks I ever had wid you ,I felt you are always ready to help(once I lost my ear-ring you were ready to go along and search)....
    Shimla trip would hav been even more exiciting if I would av been wid you all,I missed your company... Lookin fwd to av fun in future ....
    All the best....

  10. niddhi.... sorry nidddhi

    you came to our project team when there were only me and navdeep... after that its a different story...bobin came too....
    you were good at studies.... bad at listening to my jokes (kj's)...and by the way, i laugh at my jokes...ask navdeep....
    nidhi and bobin: most-regular-guide-visitation award for major project
    enjoy life at all times.....

  11. nice n ideal class fellow...you do ur best alwayzzz to 'FINALISE' the Bunk but 50 % of them compiled and runned....but i alwazz support you...best of luck for ur future...n stay safe