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Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. kangdi........:)...a real good frnd...helped me a lot :)

  2. sameer .. bole to hawa ka jhoka :P .. the guy with the macho luks :P ;) .. he has changed a lot since 1st yr .. but one thing has still not changed about him and that is rona .. always crying .. bt dude u r a gud frnd .. v have always teased each other .. always made fun of each other .. bt that is something that defines our friendship .. b that way always .. and thoda mota hoja .. :P

  3. sameer bole to body builder of our class. . bhai is se panga nai lene ka ha,nai to ye kuch bi kar sakta h..:P
    ha lekin aapke sath nai apne sath :P

  4. mr kangdi,bahut tension leta hai re tu babuwa,kisi din tension se hi mara jayenga.
    maje maro life mai barkhodar .

  5. sameer se panga mat lo..chalti firti 302 hai!!!!

  6. haa bai.. kaangri pehlwaan!!
    A very cool , down to earth n innocent man!!
    bahut log ess se pangae lete hai..he always stays calm!! always have patience ..in fact he is 'Patient' !!:D
    good luck!

  7. marta sirf shareer hai, aatma nahi ! ..n Osama nahi mara, voh hamesha hamare dilon me zinda rahega, Allaahhhhhh !! :D :D

    Well, you have been one of those people in the class with whom I may not have had a very prominent connection (or what I think might have been interpreted by others), but whatever it was, it was special!
    I don't know if you're a hardcore fan of Mr. Gandhi and his non-violence teachings, but I've seen many people (many times) bullying on you, but never even a hint of anger or an expression of disgust on your face. Frankly speaking, I myself may have made fun of you a shitload number of times and regretted afterwards, but never ever have you made me feel guilty about it! A quality that I truly appreciate!

    Alright, enough with the heavy! ...talking about that day we rapped our hearts out, I may have done a better Eminem (well, obviously ;)), but your fort minor was also no less :)

    Rest, you're a good person to be around..so stay that way, and seriously...start eating and start eating now !!!!!

    God Bless !! :)