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Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. a very nice person,simple and very down to earth kind of person . . helping, intelligent .. get irritated easily therefore we friends love to enjoy his company :P . . be the same always . .

  2. Shrey bhai.... first things first : best roommate ever!
    Adding to what Sachin has already said, Shrey is always upbeat, tension-free (or care-free, i can't figure), supercool, problem-solver and the only other genuine cricket lover in this city perhaps.
    We will miss you......

  3. always enjoyed shrey's company.... tehalte tehalte

    shrey is one guy that flows around like a feather in cool air.... always falling, never landing...

    very good at heart, he never misses a chance to get a photo clicked.... or so i think

    whenever i came to ankit gupta's room, i found him sleeping and he found (with time) that one/two punches or loud noises = karunesh has come....

    no matter how much of a hurry the world is in, no matter how much of a time crunch, shrey goes about at his own speed, which is barely non-zero...

    he is very naazuk, but myself and sanjog have worked on this.... a LOT

    jokes apart, do well in life bro...