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Dedicated to all the CSE (2007-11) batch, here you can view all the CSE 4th year student's profiles. Comment on their individual profiles(only positive comments guys) and bring alive all your memories of the past four years.So start commenting!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. our desi BARNEY STINSON!!! supercool...helpful... totally enjoyed ur company...

  2. aye nande..SUIT UP!! ..nice guy , down to earth..exams mein kafi achi understanding hoti thi hamari ;)...i am really glad that i met u in my college life..gud luck for ur future.

  3. Good Luck Bro!!
    and college ke baad koi gym pakka join kar lio. :)
    and soft drinks band kar di ki abhi bhi pagal hai unke peeche. Agar hai to bass kar de..

  4. he is a gadget boy... and a real nominee for CEO at 19.. have a great future ahead...

  5. Remember Star Wars, this guy is nothing like it... but you'll still relate him to star wars, cause i bought it into the loop here.
    Arjun, better known as Nanda is a fully-faltu-fun-OverTheTop-enjoying everything guy... and i'm pretty sure nothing will change it.
    One of the group 1 movie-discussion-panel members.
    Hope the pepsi bottle we left in first year physics lab is still where we left it.
    enjoy life........