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Dedicated to all the CSE (2007-11) batch, here you can view all the CSE 4th year student's profiles. Comment on their individual profiles(only positive comments guys) and bring alive all your memories of the past four years.So start commenting!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. machhi!!!!! ... he is one of my very very gud frnds :) .. he has changed a lot since the 1st yr .. iska sense of humour ultimate h!! .. he has been my unofficial roomie since the 1st yr .. exams k dino saara saara din saath baith k padte they .. ye mujhe samjhata tha mai isey :P .. exam start hone se pehle ki bhaaga dodi hamesha yaad rahegi :P .. the time spent wid him is unforgettable .. hamesha helpful .. very sensible, friendly and kabhi bura nahi manta .. ye khud k rum mei to kabhi milta hi nahi .. kabhi iske rum pe kabhi uske .. ek doosre ki buks gumai h khoob :P .. ye hostel ka top downloader h .. aamir khan ka sabse bda fan .. kuchh galat bol k to dekho!!! :P .. class mei kabhi kabhi to aata h aur jb aata h tb teacher nikal deta h :P .. mast banda h .. always b d same . .

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  3. u r cool.... fun to be around... nice guy.... best of luck for ur future....

  4. macch!!! A very nice guy of my hostel and class,very faithfull and fun loving.........
    Very innovative and talk very much..............
    I always remembered the days spent with him especially the sector 10 and my birthday party incident ....
    best of luck for future and plz don't forget me yaar...

  5. Good luck bro!!
    Cool, a bit serious and a nice guy. Remain intact buddy!!

  6. Machh! The only guy with whom I enjoy arguing...be it about our favorite Khans, be it about gaming(been his navigator for a long time) and what not!
    A genuine guy with a heart of gold,an exceptionally good swimmer(thanks for the lessons), a fighting footballer & a technology-buff! Always there to help and entertain! Will always remember the incidents we shared, the create-your-owns...n of course the dates we bought our bikes ;)
    All the best for your future mate, stay in touch! :)

  7. a very motivating personality, knows to stay calm in the face of disaster..plays every outdoor game invented by humans..

  8. IF YOU NEED ANY HOLLYWOOD STUFF, CONTACT MR RAWAT. Amazing capability of remembering which person likes which actor and provide them the corresponding stuff...
    Plays far too many games...Should have focused on football so that you could deliver some respectable passes:-P
    If someone need any information, visit www.ROOM-4/30.RAWAT-PEDIA.com(lekin room par shaayad hi mile)....
    You are second most inspiring personality of our class for me(First one: Swami).
    Wishing you to achieve what you haven't even dreamed...

  9. Machh,very quite at Times but always his mind full of innovative ideas!!
    and the most important feature which was hidden to me until 6th semester was none other than his hard working nature, although we never were on same page of discussion whatever it was (Literally), and reason for that as i figured that out recently was he used to Follow international culture, international timings(working all night, i call him nightowl)and iphone(Apple) per se.
    well not to mention i enjoyed a lot with you (sarcasm)
    and you told me what social life is,as again not to say ,you seldom were found in your room.
    Good luck for your future(copied); hope samajh jayega. :)

  10. well ..machh,as the name suggest "good thngs come in small packages "..though nt frm his branch ..i hvnt hd as many interactions nd memories wd ths particular guy ...bt d 1 i hv ponders his down to earth nature ..a kin f person who doesnt knw much f punjabi bt specially boost abt r rather flaunts being in chandigarh to his friends down their in his hometown...."if u recall salle"..:)... ..macch "a gizmo freak " whenever i catch him up i alwaz end up snatchng his apple i phone nd playng i dnt knw some fruit game....will miss those thngs whn u'l nt be around after a mnth r so...bt best wishes wd u alwz mate..:)

  11. Macccchhhhhh....... very charming personality n gud sense of humor... he is half rajasthani.... he is the person 2 b watched... bus maccchhhh apni diet bda le.... stamina toh bhut hai tere mei.... one more thing about him is he is very kind guy... best of luck macccchhhh... :)