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Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. o thought dat u r vry studious n borin wen i didn't knw u closely bt wid time i realised u r so cool... had fun wid u in lab....

  2. ur miss-chup chup.. thoda bolna sikho madam.. nywys ur very sweet n cute person.. gud luck 4 ur future..

  3. She is a lovely person...She does a fantastic mimicry... You keep laughing when you are with her provided she is enjoying. She can be very serious at times but behind that serious person you will find an amazing person who enjoys like hell ! Wish you a gr8 life

  4. Good Luck Miss Srivastava. :)
    and sharmaya kamm kar. kuch zyada hi sharmaati hai.. !! :)

  5. She is one of my great friends in college as well as hostel....From the time of conselling till now, I always am in touch with her.
    Dikhne mein jo shareef lagti hai, waisa kuch hai nahin. Agar hostel waali Avantika college mein aa jaye, people r definitely gonna get surprised!
    Birthday parties mein mast dance karti hai! Poori feel mein even on Punjabi songs..
    You are quite an intelligent, interesting,soft spoken and a very smart person.
    I will cherish all the talks we have had in hostel rooms, goin to shopping together, lake as well as dinners and the last yeat training time.
    Always stay in touch.

  6. though she she shares her bday with MAHATMA GANDHIJI but none of her traits go along tat man.. she loves violence..like always scolding me for project or anytime... just kidding.. she is really a nice girl and my BestesT friend.. She has a crystal clear heart. never tries to hurt anyone though many people do have hurt her.. still speaks gud about people who talk ill of her.. leave it.. she is one of our class toppers . inki kripa hi jo main degree poori karne ki stathi me hu.. chahe vo kio bhi subject ho ADA , DS,DBMS, AI, CD n many more, agar iss ne na samjhaya hota toh mera toh kya hi bnta.. literaly ADA me toh main Zero tha... though never takes credit 4 teaching me but kuch khanne ko ho jaye tha koi aitraj nhi.. khati bahut hai par pta nhi isse lagta hi nhi hai(touchwood).. CONTINUED...

  7. really fond of all types of junk food and chinese too.. she too is my project partner alongwith Miss Pabla.. they both r really hard working.. mera toh aap sab jaaante hi hain(:P).. she is a fun loving gal.. ek number ki bhulakad aur ghumkad bhi hai.. phir bhi pta nhi 80% aggregate kaise bna rakhi hai iss ne.. its really to be fun n my gr8 luck to have a friend lyk u.. keep smiling always. a very nice n talented person u r.. be tat always.. stay connected...!!!

  8. Avantika is one of the people who can be classified under almost-perfect...... only i am perfect.
    until i read gaurav's 'bhulakad aur ghumkad' comment, i used to think avantika was one of the most organized people in class.
    quiet but intelligent and hardworking....only God and freeriders like gaurav (:P)must know how good it would be to have you (and arushi) as project partners....
    p.s. i hope navdeep never reads the last line..he won't feel bad, but he'll make fun of me for talking about project here.
    anyways avantika, enjoy life to the fullest!!!

  9. @kk i m not a free rider.. i contribute a lot toward the projectt. like my management and coding skills.

  10. Avantika Srivastava, the name itself suggests how highly intellectual the personality carrying it would be...and you don't prove that wrong !
    Also, you are a very good speaker (really appreciated ur speech in d comm skills workshop).

    Apart from that, I always thought of you as the 'sweet n shareef' types, but it was only during the last days at college that you proved me wrong and I got a hint of how witty you can be ! ..I'll always remember the last day..truth n dare..task well done..clever !! ;)