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Dedicated to all the CSE (2007-11) batch, here you can view all the CSE 4th year student's profiles. Comment on their individual profiles(only positive comments guys) and bring alive all your memories of the past four years.So start commenting!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. bobin kapoor jinse duniya darti h..ladki dil ki nek h bhai,hansti thoda jyada tej h par dil ki nek h:P

  2. She is nice,faithful and loyal to me..She talk to much ,childish and emotional in nature........
    "Dekhne hai jo choti
    baad kar moti moti
    ho jaye jo emotional bhut jaldi
    paise karch karne me roti roti
    wo hai kaun...................
    Bobin aur kaun"..

    My best wishes for u for your furture and be strong from mind and soul..
    bhai ko bhul mat jana...............

  3. @shobhit: thanx... hehe.... main hun DON!!!!!!!!!

  4. mishraji aap b kamaal krte ho!!!!!!!!! aapko kaise bhool skte hai.... bhai banaya hai aise hi thode na bhool jayenge... thanx for d lovely poem and d wishes...

  5. Bobin ki profile pe sirf 2 comment!! aesa kaise ho sakta hai???
    Anyways.....Bob you are smart, confident, beautiful, fun-loving and ofcourse a baby-elephant....I am sure you will be missed the most.
    I just wish more girls were like you.
    Best of luck for future....

  6. ur d most bindass person in cse branch.. i just love d way ur.. alwys be d way ur.. im gonna miss all d good moments spend wid u in colg as wel as in hostel.. love u lots.. gud luck wid al ue future endeavors..

  7. hey bobin... sabse mast ladki class ki... jo har tension se dor apni hi masti mei mast... aur jiske sath rhe to has-2 ke bure haal ho jaye.. because of u only i had so much good moments in the college life otherwise it was so boring... thanks for everything n please never forget me...... good luck for ur future..

  8. bubbly girl of cse.. bollywood movies ki knowledge to isko itni hain ki saayad imdb bhi sarma jaye..shahid kapoor ki die hard fan h, ek request h plz shahid ko twitter se unfollow kr de (u know why!) :P ..i really enjoyed ur company..tc..gud luck for ur future.

  9. +1 to Arpit. Shahid ko sach me follow karna band kar.and har ghatiya movie dekhni zaruri nahi hoti.khaas kar bevakuf Shahid kapoor ki. Sifarishi kahin ka. baaki mai zyada kuch bolunga nahi kyunki "jaan hai to jahaan hai". !!

  10. Hi Bobin !
    You're the 1st girl whom I met in college n directly got to talking terms with (something that has not been so easy to do with many gals in d class ;))..n overall, it has been a great time spent with u !

    I may not know everything about you, but something that I do know n really admire about you is that, "how easily can you go on to do things you want to do, n do them your way..not giving a heck to what the world thinks or does about it"... I try real hard to acquire this quality in my behavior, but guess have not been as successful as you in this aspect !

    You are a happy girl, and I want you to know, that happy girls are the prettiest ones ! :)

    Stay blessed !! Stay BABBU !! :)

  11. My first crush in college!!:P;) . Hope u remember our Phyics lab, where many guys including me used to come to ur desk for time pass !!;):D
    'Mundeyaa vargi kudii'!! who don't give a damn to what others think ,just do what she wants!!
    nice,happy n sweet girl!! very keen to listen to my songs as if i have very melodious voice;)
    The only girl in class who i think is in good terms with every person in the class !!
    Always enjoyed ur company!!
    stay connected!! good luck!!:)

  12. bobin was one of the more fun loving people in our class.

    she is also known to have a somewhat wild character, something i have been victim to many times before!

    programming is afraid of bobin...but then it is also afraid of rajinikant and lord voldemort...

    as a person, she was awesome in the sense that she took initiative in talking to people, and organizing bunks, canteen dumb-cherads games and group 1 movie outings, something i always missed.... i rocked at the first two anyways!

    bobin was a favourite of our compiler design teacher, who once (famously) remarked that "Bobin kapoor is so intelligent, she can complete engineering in just half the time thats required by normal people"... if only the rules allowed that...

    four years, and still everybody's friend, not one enemy (partially because of the fact that i never got too serious our mutual rivalry)

    the mutual rivalry part was for the possession of a douchebag called navdeep toor, but thats a different matter.

    apart from all the above written bullshit, bobin was, and is a very good person....

    has a very bindass attitude... mixed with streaks of aggression: a bandidas attitude!!!!1

    hope for the best in life.... cause i know you won't do a thing about it!

  13. super cute..u really are very adorable..the best thing abt u is that u r pure at heart..easy gng,fun to be arnd..some of ma best memories frm clg dayz surely include u..god bless ya alwayz..jithe vi tu jaiengi khapp zarur paengi..u rock..tc n be in touch alwayz..

  14. GROUP1 ki "SHAAN" hai Miss Bobin Kapoor. bobin is a gal whom u ll find always graceful(Throw Exception in MUKU's LAB).. she is ever ready for bunk, nvr an instance she didnt do.. group nu aish kraun di poori zimmedari iss ki hoti hai-- chahe vo canteen me le jaane ki ho ya movie outing ki ho.. jab yeh lab me nhi hoti toh jag suna-2 lagge type atmosphere hota hai... lab me itna fun karti hai yeh.. chahe kk ke saath ladai ho ya hemant ke songs pe comments.. lab me masti ka poori jimma iska hai..kabhi kissi ki baat ka bura nhi maanti and down to earth hai.. bs iss se ek shikayat hai(1st yr me ek kamm kaha tha vo nhi kiya issne).. never mind.. jahan jayegi vahan mast atmosphere bna degi.. bobin u r awesome as u r.. never change.. stay connected..

  15. She is unlike others always enjoying, unbothered, unconcerned abt wat rest may think.
    She is fun to be around,
    I feel relaxed and happy talking rather listening to you.
    And I m sincerely going to miss you at infosys. Bt i m going to copy you in sum respect I hope you wont mind.....