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Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. helpful,cool,fun to b around... plz get away frm politics...

  2. ur d nycst person in class n most helping person... plz stay awy from politics n conc more on urself.. good luck 4 ur future endeavors..

  3. Good Luck Bro!!!
    Kadde politics chadd ke kitaban che vi dhyaan la leya karo sir ji .. :)
    mainu lagda hai Job de velle vi union leader tuhi banna ai !! :)

  4. Harkamal multani! saada 'Kamlaa';) The man who is purely true hearted,very hard working and very very helping!!
    serving humanity is only his aim of life!!
    PUSU is his religion!
    My very very good friend who is always ready to help in any way!!
    sirf dil toh hi kamm laindaa...
    God bless u!! stay conected!!
    Wish u go abroad soon!!(my wish is u, go through border like ur other relatives:P:D just kidding!)
    will miss u!

  5. My 2nd or 3rd day in college:

    A SARDAR(Harkamal) comes towards me with some purpose along with another SARDAR(Pukhraj).

    Harkamal: Bunk laa le, tu saade naal rehna 4 saal...

    At that time I din't know the meaning of BUNK.. :(

    ME: 1 min..

    I was thinking what the hell this bunk is and what could or would happen if I don't accomplish this Bunk task....

    Then I asked someone the meaning of bunk and did't take much time to go back to hostel.

    This was my first meeting with you.
    After that we became friends.. good friends... best friends..(And HARYANA-PUNJAB unites :P)
    If anyone is looking for synonym of Friendship, its "HARKAMAL MULTANI". Can shed his blood for the sake of friendship.
    "HARKAMAL" defines "SIKHISM"... Why???
    Because helping is your hobby and you thinks from ur heart. Even if u try to use your mind, its of no use because final answer will be from ur pumping source.
    I am blessed to have a friend like u.