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Dedicated to all the CSE (2007-11) batch, here you can view all the CSE 4th year student's profiles. Comment on their individual profiles(only positive comments guys) and bring alive all your memories of the past four years.So start commenting!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. kamal hai hemant teri profile par koi comment nai hai..
    ur amongst e most mischievous guys in our class n total fun 2 b around.. tere sath band bore nai ho skta kbhi b.. tera ab tk ka best dialog tha "GANDA BACHA" n d way u say it.. keep rocking alwys n gud luck 4 ur future..

  2. Good Luck Bro!!
    aiven hi rahi. hassda har vele.

    Ja jaande jaande mai saadh sangat nu kehna chounda han ki meri te hemant di eh benati sun lao.

    "roti hakk di khayiei ji bhaave boot polishan kariye".

  3. Husan di daulat sadaa ni rehni, nahin rehna roop kuwaara....
    Bhaven ghum le jagg saara, tenu nahin labhna "HEMANT" varga yaar dubara

  4. @nidhi- thanks a lot!!:) n always remember my dialogues!!:)
    @pankaj: kya baat hai teri!! dil nu cheer k lai giya!!;)

  5. vahe guru ji da khalsa vahe guru ji di fateh...

  6. @bhatia: fateh!! sat shriaaaa akaaaaaaaaal;):D

  7. grp di aan baan te shaan... really enjoyed ur company... ws alwaz fun 2 b ard u.... enjoyed ur songs... will miss dem d most... ur sarcasm n ur way of teasin me... a nice n fun-lovin guy... always remain d same as u r.... best of luck 4 ur future.... will miss u...

  8. Hemant calls(tring tring !!)

    Eshan picksup: (Lethargic tone) ki chahida??

    Hemant: saaleya sutta peya ae??

    Eshan: haan yr...soun de yaar

    Hemant: univ. aaja tayari ni krni..

    Eshan: chad yr mai ni aana...ghare padh laanga

    Hemant: tun saaleya pass hone ke nahi??

    Eshan: (after a very deep thought) chl aa gya, adhhe ghante ch...!! :P :P :D

    This has been the story (well, almost)…for the past 4 yrs now !!

    I have always been the lazy bum who just can't gather enough courage to disturb his position of static
    inertia (Newton :P)...and he has been the intruder who knocks me off my cozy place of rest, wakes me
    from my dreams and introduces me to the wrath of this cruel world !

    At first, it was difficult to be in consent with some of his decisions, but now I realize that real bad things
    could have happened if I had chose otherwise. Thank you for that and more !! :)

    Rest, all I can say is that our friendship can be taken by others, as the best example for ‘Unity in
    Diversity’. With almost nothing in common, I think we have made the most of each others' qualities
    and worked on the weaknesses. I believe it is the minor instances and phases in one’s life that form his/her
    memories. The only difference being that some of them get washed away sooner or later, while others
    are there to stay forever….now, I guess I don’t need to specify the category you fall into !!

  9. known hemant since class 12th at maths coaching..

    dude had political beginnings since that time (or even earlier??)...........

    once i remember him giving tips to a fellow coaching student on how to deal with his unruly pg aunty....

    but got to know hemant the person in college only.

    i mean i knew his great command over languages (so great that lesser mortals like the rest-of-the-world wont understant any of it)... but things like he is a very trustworthy person, and can be protective of his friends got to me only in college....

    most people feel uncomfortable with big-mouth punjabis around, but if you know him a bit, then you know you can be yourself around him...even if your definition of yourself is some sleezeball like a funny/unfortunate movie character....

    hemant is a really good and intelligent person (good before intelligent), and i like the fact that despite being ever-ready for most mundane joys of life (i dont know what i'm talking about), he works hard when it matters the most.......

    do well in life and enjoy..... and never forget me...

  10. @kk: u remember me giving tips to fellow guy, is quite interesting! because i don't remember it;)
    'Me protective of his friends'..waah!! i never thought u (being 'thotha'..:P kidding!) can notice this thing!
    Rest,thanks a lot man for taking laptop from ur brother to write abt me;) (as ur bro is quite a busy man;))
    don't worry!! i won't forget u! such a nice person u r!:)

  11. Hi Hemant,
    Starting mein to mujhe teri baat hi nahi samajh aati thi.. ab to easily aajati hai ..... u are very interesing and your dance is even more eye-catching... .Teach me sum steps on punjabi songs....
    abhi to itna hi baki baad mein kuch strike kiya to post karungi...
    Till ten hav fun.........

  12. @avantika: sure,,i will teach u in the DJ party:)
    waiting 4 ur further post;)

  13. haanji pradhan sahb...
    pradhan sahb zira de reh vale ne...
    hamesha smile karde rehnde ne...
    aena da kehna hai ki ae kade tension ni lainde....chalo ji pradhan sahb di gal nu kaun inkaar kar sakda hai...
    bai ji aiven hi mauja karde rahio ...
    baaki hale tan aapa infy ch vi gaah paana hai...
    best of luck...:)

  14. saala jaali pradhan.. met him in counselling .. then he came over to my hostel for the first tym after tat.. we went to sector 22 for his shopping.. he got a red lower (haha).. we were in same group of class.. used a share abt grp ppl's characters .. par hostel door hone ke karan hum zyaada mil nhi saake.. but were friends in class.. iss k liye votes karvane k liye zor bhi lagaya , par saale ki anti bahut thi(due to his stmts only).. par kucdh nhi hota sirf 20 votes se hi toh rha tha.. labs me bahut fun maara humne.. his fav song in lab was "roti hak di khayiye nhi chahe boot paalshan kariye".. labs ki jaan tha yeh.. dil ka saaf banda hai .. he is really a determined and hard working person.. wish u luck in lyf... be always as u r...