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Dedicated to all the CSE (2007-11) batch, here you can view all the CSE 4th year student's profiles. Comment on their individual profiles(only positive comments guys) and bring alive all your memories of the past four years.So start commenting!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. navdeep toor
    "Jo rahe hum se door
    par hai kisi ke pass
    bole jadha aur soche kaam
    par dil ka hai jo accha
    wo hai navdeep toor"
    Toor..one of my good friends that i have..
    always ready to face anything in life and of course hardworking..
    May god give u all happiness in life and plz don't forgot me yaar....................................

  2. ur my best buddy in d class.. ur d 1 hum i can trust blindly.. dis blog is really small 2 describe u.. bolta bht hai yar tu.. really hard working guy.. u hav a poor sense of humor but still fun 2 b around.. keep rocking alwz n stay in touch.. gud luck 4 ur future endeavors..

  3. hey toor u r a very cool or chilled out person...maine tujhe kbhi gussa hote nahi dekha...hmesha msti krta rehta hai..it is alwys fn to b wid u...hav a gr8 n happy life ahead... :)

  4. Thanks Mr. Heartthrob. mishra ji.. :)
    Thanks Nidhi.. :)
    Thanks Neha Thakur('Mai thakur hun thakur mai kisi se nahi darti' Girl..) .. !!

  5. many many wishes for u and bobbin ...shaadi pe jaroor bulana yaar ..waha par koi hadd se bahar jake majak nahi karunga ..i promise!!!..sorry i was kidding!!! love u guys!!

  6. toor sir, hello !

    I've known you since the GMSSS-35 days.. you used to be ever ready for some lame comments every time my shot missed the target when I played football ! ;)

    But it was in college that I got to know the real you, n turned out that you are quite a mastermind at human psychology (..only u know what I mean ;)). Though the mind thing is fine, but you really need to take care of your health buddy, I say that in view of the past and the recent talks that we shared.

    Good luck !! :)

  7. mr toor here is one of my first friends at college, and did i fail to mention my best friend in college!!

    dude goes with one simple philosophy: "every thing in life, except code in minor/major project can be commented upon, and anybody that does not have a strong and lame opinion of everything is a grunt!"

    dude cries about everything all the time, but only time i saw him really worried/sad/angry/### was after the infi fiasco.... that phase of time messed up both of us!

    one person he hates with all his heart is didier drogba...... i have talked to him before many manu-chelsea matches...he's more like intimidated of drogba!

    apart from being a grunt, and a good cricketer, and a drogba-hater, and a really good and hardworking programmer/team member, toor is the download central of our class!

    one person everyone can relate to.....

    take care of your health, and enjoy life to the fullest!