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Dedicated to all the CSE (2007-11) batch, here you can view all the CSE 4th year student's profiles. Comment on their individual profiles(only positive comments guys) and bring alive all your memories of the past four years.So start commenting!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. ur very nice person or thoda bht hasa b deta hai.. gud luck 4 ur future endeavors..

  2. Aaye mera sukhla Boy!!
    bass aaj kal jaisa hai vaisa hi rahio. Chahe mera mazak bada udaane lag gaya hai. But theek hai. Aise hi khush reh.. :)
    Good Luck Bro!!

  3. kumbhkaran !!!har waqt aankho mein neend ..aur mere jaiso ke liye pyaar as well!!!u r really nice!!
    hamesha mujhe motivate karta hai "wo kaam " karne ke liye ..jisme meri pakka haar hai....achha hai main iski baaton me nhi aata..
    kuch purana hai tujhse!!

  4. Neeraj Navlakha,
    CEO, SukhlaSOFT

    I remember the first days in first semester, when i used to run behind you and hit you on the back.... Congratulations: you are one of the first people in class to get beaten by me!

    Neeraj is one of those people who make you enjoy every moment you spend with them....except when they are talking on the phone and you are cursing the ceiling fan....

    You can count on him: we had almost no guys for the class football team in third year when he pitched in, that too without any massive buttering on our part.

    He is getting mean lately...mean to me at least...but thats good as long as i get to beat him, aka for about a month more....

    lets not forget our friendship after that...

  5. Neeraj Navlakha, you're probably the one guy I'll remember for remembering me when I didn't remember you much..hope you remember what I'm talking about ;)

    There was a phase in 1st year when we first met and started talking, like friends do, and the same might have happened with many others too... then came a phase when you vanished and weren't a regular visitor at UIET...and then followed a phase when you came back and we started talking again, and somehow we realized that I was the one with very faint memories of the past and you were the one who could recall everything vividly ! I felt a bit ashamed about myself and the fact that maybe I hadn't given those memories the attention you had...but I know you'll understand that it was not all my fault..and also I'll try not to repeat that in future!

    Nice to have you as a companion bro, and wish you good luck for the 'Pune' thing :)

    God Bless :)