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Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. somya sharma (abi tak to :P)..wel as we all knw topper of our class infact our college.bt dont get her wrong ,she is nt bookworm type girl.she is way too cool ,nd fun to hangout wid..nd for all who says somya yr lif jee ke dekhe..ik bar somya ki life jee ke dekho khan bhool jaoge..
    nd vaise ladki apni ab USA ja rahi h nam roshan karne...vaha par bi ofcourse topper issine ne hona h.u rock gitarist,rock star ...(nd list goes on...)

  2. Somya is one of the best persons whom I have ever known….she is great co-worker, a good leader and a great friend….
    it’s her self-belief what makes her different and a true champion …no matter what the situation is she has this attitude of never giving up and giving her 100% as a result she always emerges as a winner….she is a true professional
    and if most of the people think she works hard what they don’t know is she parties even harder…. Had a great time with her during my summer training, her arrival reduced my full attendance at the office (before her arrival) to 20 out of 40 …bunking office was a new funda – and she called it work from home
    she’s a great councilor (never short of motivational words), a great listener and most importantly a great friend who never bitches about her friends on their back (unlike the typical girl I must say)..
    I wish you luck and would always look forward to work with you in future if possible…. Keep rocking
    you are the best frnd and colleague one can ever ask for....

  3. some1 who is a great team player, very hard working .. I have never seen her wasting her time .. loves to involve herself in some work rather than sitting idle .. as u know her more you will find in her a fun loving and bindaas baala :P . . she enjoys leg pulling a lot :P .. a great colleague . . loved working with you. . b the same always . . and best of luck!!! :D

  4. ur very sincere n hard working gal.. keep it up..
    gud luck 4 ur future..

  5. we had gr8 times together...CCDs,Walks,Trips and everything else, it was fun.. She knows what to do when and that makes her a wonderful person...have a gr8 time in your lyf ahead !

  6. Somya is the ideal combination of brains and hard-work, as well as a great friend. She also happens to have a genuine sense of humour, rare among girls. Always honest (brutally honest??), she is well-tuned to be a manager (boss??)!! She knows how to do things and how to get things done.

    Never at a loss for ideas or advice, she always has time to listen to a friend's problems. Although she is the top-scorer in her class, I have never seen her get fussed about exams, practicals, etc...

    It has been a pleasure to be her friend and colleague during college.

    Finally- a tip for any interested guys out there--- Cadbury shots!!

    Best wishes for your life ahead.

  7. jack of all trades..thats all i can say about her..down to earth and supportive..cords group wale to iss se dare shame rahte the, including me, aur haan mein resign nahi de sakta kyunki naveen sir ne officially mujhe group member bna diya h :D ..gud luck for future.

  8. or some rasons cant be in th same company...but still moments wid u guyzz in Shimla trip are still cherrishing my memory !!have a gud life n stay safe