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Sunday, December 26, 2010



  1. sukhi!! .. a gud frnd .. he is some1 who is always ready to help .. day scholar hone ka ye fayda h ki khana khane jaisa hota h and ye saala hamesha mere saamne apna tifin le k shuru ho jata tha .. saab ko TT bahut pasand h .. agr hostel mei khelne ko nahi milta to Stu-C to h hi :P .. hemesha mujhe TT mei hara deta hai.. ek din tera bhi no ayega sukhi!! :)

  2. I have known sukhi since class X. He was always a sincere, punctual, quiet, not-so-naughty guy (see how i managed to get the word 'naughty' in this comment).

    He is a very good person to have a conversation with...and tries everything with all his heart. Coming on the heart bit, i have never seen him disappointed in those 7 years.....

    One sukhi incident: Those of us who live in B.H.2., or are frequent visitors (i am neither, but i know the man), know a hostel support staff member who sits all day in hostel 2 common room and rebukes outsiders from playing tt.
    So what happened is that sukhi here used to go and play in hostel 2 common room every-damn-day....
    One day, sukhi broke a (tt) ball when playing. When he went to the man for changing it, the man said (translated to hindi for general public, and for still retaining meaning): "yaar, sirf hostel wale hi khela karo... bahar walon ko mat khelne diya karo!"